About us

What started as a shop in Michigan has become a center for expert fabrication and machining service based in Brinkhaven, Ohio. Raymond “Ray” Schmucker and his son Kevin have well over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, making Oak Lane Machine Fab, LLC a prime choice for clients looking for high quality performance, professional fabricating, and detailed customer service.

Ray himself has been working specifically with the logging and sawmill industries for 32 years and has since branched out to include a variety of services. Now, Oak Lane Machine Fab has been helping businesses with all their machining needs for the past 11 years!

You’ll be able to find us at 33015 Township Road 352 in Brinkhaven, Ohio. It’s likely, though, that you’ve seen our work in action or reaped the benefits of it! Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a farmer handling a tractor or combine in a field? Oak Lane Machine Fab works closely with many agricultural workers to repair their equipment, enabling them to harvest and transfer the food you eat. Alternatively, each time you drive past a construction site or have a new building put up in your area, know that Oak Lane Machine Fab often collaborates with these construction companies to facilitate the production of new infrastructure that betters the community. These are just a few examples of our services!

We are dedicated to helping customers protect and repair some of their most valuable business investments: machines. From welding in many forms to fabricating, machining, and hydraulics, we look forward to serving you and servicing your assets.

Why choose us

expert in the area.


Solve your production problems with custom machining from Oak Lane Machine Fab. When you choose us to facilitate your repairs, you’re enabling quicker turnaround times for your own business, increasing efficiency, and responding to orders with higher quality products.


Have your cylinders become damaged or obsolete? Oak Lane Machine Fab will come to your business and perform a diagnostic analysis to find the root cause of inefficiency. We can operate with and measure the performance of various hydraulics brands in terms of pressure, speed, flow, etc.


If you’ve ever needed help with TIG welding, Ray and Kevin are your guys! TIG uses a tungsten electrode to ultimately keep the weld puddle free of contaminants. Whatever kind of welding you might need for your business or project, we will give you professional results at an affordable price.

Saw Milling

Oak Lane Machine Fab excels in a variety of services, but Ray Schmucker specializes in work with the sawmill and logging industries. Even before Oak Lane came into being as an expert fabricating business, Ray helped customers in logging and sawmilling for over 30 years!

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